Bill Maher Credits Donald Trump with This?

Bill Maher is repugnant, a rodent, and the reason for the phrase,

“Why doesn’t he just DIE?!”

I believe wholeheartedly that Maher has compromising information on some TV executive in order to keep that toilet-bowl scum HBO calls “Real Time”.

Too bad that show is not a reality show from prison; but then again, that might actually make it interesting. For the most part, that show is about making Maher feel good about his asinine ideas. For the most part, Maher books fawning and sniveling Leftists as guests. That’s because Maher needs backup on the rare occasion he has a Conservative or Republican appear.

Maher is at best lightly humorous; that is, if you like your humor stale and head on. His lack of nuance is obvious.

Let’s not even discuss his “Made for Radio” good looks, and that “schnoz” that could provide rain cover for all of Bangladesh. But I digress.

So if Maher is insignificant, why am I wasting my time to call his atheist ass out? It’s a comment he made about the Tea Party.

On his show Maher called Donald Trump a “Frankensteinian monster that was created with the Tea Party.”

Maher went on to say to America of Trump,

“This is your worst nightmare.”

I know…Maher being RIVETING! But wait…there’s MORE!

Some on Maher’s panel of Leftist losers called Trump’s campaign a joke, but Maher argued that Trump’s chutzpah and brazen attitude would give him staying power in 2016. Maher quipped:

“He never apologizes, he’s never wrong, no matter what crazy thing he says. He’s the white Kanye.”

I don’t know about you, but what laugh-track could hold it back on that one?

Maher, a man who has built his career on belligerence, implied that this quality is what the Tea Party loves about Trump.

“For a party whose base adores belligerence, this is the guy.”

And in final act of comedic brilliance, in a rehearsed setup line with muscle-lips Michael Eric Dyson, Maher called Trump the “id” of the Republican party, as race-pimp Dyson added,

“-iot” would be more accurate.

Then two of the biggest  and most arrogant blabbermouths of politics went on to discuss how Trump’s ego might overshadow the other Republican candidates.


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