#BlackLivesMatter: As Racist As It Is Stupid

Black Liberals want America to believe that #BlackLivesMatter. What horsecrap.

Liberals have been using black people like fodder for decades, trying to make us believe that they care about the lives of blacks or anybody else for that matter.

Furthermore, #BlackLivesMatter is racist…PERIOD!

Since when are black lives worth more than any other lives. The fact is #AllLivesMatter, and that is the ONLY sign that is NOT racist in America.

Contrary to what “African-Americans” may believe, this isn’t Africa; it’s America.

Not to mention, if black lives matter so much, why are black Liberals so dangerous to black people? I’m not reiterating the obvious about black- on- black crime. But the fact is that black Liberals are the most dangerous people on the planet. They are quick to anger, and have little self-control.

The fact is in America if you are the victim of a violent crime, you have about a 50 percent chance the perpetrator is from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

America should shove this nonsensical and very racist meme up every Liberal’s butt in the country.


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