Byron Allen deems Sharpton: Least expensive Negro

I have to say, Byron Allen is cracking me up these days, as he sues Comcast. I might need to join him, and form a class action lawsuit.

Allen and other black media owners are suing Comcast and Time Warner Cable for $20 billion on grounds of discrimination.


According to Mediaite, Allen said this of Sharpton while on CNN’s Reliable Sources: 

[Comcast] don’t do business with real African-American-owned companies, just give him [Sharpton] $50,000 and a bucket of chicken and we’re good.

A quip after my own heart, though the writer at Mediaite disagree, saying that Allen shouldn’t have pulled the race card.

“In the end, Allen hurts himself in exploiting the double standard around racial references…”

The Left hates it when their tactics are used against them. And in fact, as pointed out in the article, Allen had earlier declared Sharpton the “least expensive negro.”


I don’t know what Comcast has up its sleeve. I do know that Byron Allen is exponentially more talented than Sharpton, but that honestly not saying much.

Comcast can hire whomever it wants, but there is a case to made that Comcast is ridiculing black people by hiring Sharpton, and therefore could be sued for mocking black people. Let’s call this case “Uncle Tom Foolery!”

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