CBS profits from show about poor people

Leave it to the Leftist media to come up with a reality show that treats poor people like financial gladiators.

The concept of the show is to give $100,000 to a poor family. And after they shriek with joy over their financial windfall, they are then posed with a dilemma.

CBS tells them that they can keep the money or help somebody who’s worse off than they. I understand the notion, but why use poor people?

Because the Left like making fun of poor people, with the side benefit of making money off of them.


In the Era of Obama where the gap between rich and poor may be at its widest point in history, CBS wants poor people to know there is a caste system at their level. Yes, there is somebody poor who is doing better than you!

As this article reads,

To further increase the awkward tension, families are given information about the other needy strangers they could be helping and are forced to consider whose lives are more worthy of assistance.

The fallout has been horrendous.




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