Celebrity Event To Promote Non-Violence, Lil Wayne Starts Bench Clearing BRAWL (VIDEO)

Idiots like Lil Wayne can’t even put away thug behavior when making a point…for NON-VIOLENCE!

Proving that money can’t buy you sense, AND that you can take the kid from the hood, but you can remove the hood from the kid. Lil Wayne decided to attack referees for what he considered bad calls in a game that has absolutely NO meaning.

Thug culture is the new Liberal black America. Even when being a thug shouldn’t matter, “you just do you!”

A celebrity basketball game at Chaifetz Arena to promote non-violence takes a violent turn.Witnesses say rapper Lil Wayne got so furious at a referee last night for what he considered to be unfair calls. They say he charged at the referee, spit on him and sparked a bench-clearing fight.


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