Confederate Flag Alert: Hide your black people

Cover your black Liberal friends’ eyes and ears, because that Confederate flag is back in the news.

Poltergeists and IRS audits scare white people; but if you want to scare black folks, just bring out the Stars and Bars, yes the Confederate flag, and black people cower like hound dogs in a storm.

America constantly debates this symbol of the South, and so-called symbol of oppression known as the Confederate flag. Black Liberals are trained to become incensed at the very sight of the thing, but Hillary Clinton can get a Margaret Sanger Award, and nary a word is spoken by ignorant black Leftists.

These very same fools send their kids to schools named after Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Kennedy, LBJ and a host of other white racist Democrats. Black Liberals go to parks with statues erected for cross-burning, racist Democrats and they say nothing.

We never debate the true symbol of racism in America, and that is the jackass. You simply couldn’t have chosen a better animal to represent the racist Democrats. The party that booed God, and the party that wrote its hatred of blacks and other “mongrel races” into the very fabric of its being. But let somebody show that Confederate flag, and all hell breaks loose.

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee said he wouldn’t be “dragged into a Confederate flag debate.” How’s that for symbolism? Dragged!

I LOVE being dragged into race discussions with racist Liberals.

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Forget that it was a white Democrat governor who first flew this flag over the capital building in South Carolina. And when a Republican governor tried to take it down, the NAACP was nowhere to be found, as they had better things to do.

Why racist Democrats seem to forget their history, their wretched existence is no mystery to me. If you had their record of oppression, you’d want to hide your history as well.


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