Cracking the Liberal Egg

I have a lot of people trying to tell me how to do what it is I do. Nothing pisses me off more.

People too afraid to do what I do want to tell me how to do it.

When it comes to battling the scourge of Liberalism, today we are in uncharted territory. Liberals have sailed the ship into the Bermuda Triangle; a world as unpredictable as an African dictator.

Liberal women are men, and Liberal men are women. You can spend your way out of debt, black people vote FOR their oppressors, and there are no sovereign borders. Liberals acknowledge ID is needed for every day life, but not to perform your most precious right…the right to vote.

Work is ridiculed, and welfare is encouraged. Kids are to be protected, yet Liberals serve them up to pedophiles daily. Women are supposedly strong, but need men to buy their contraception. Oh, and apparently women who can’t fend for themselves get equal pay of men.

Conservatives rarely take the easy way out. We believe the struggle makes one stronger. However, we have allowed others to take the easy way at our expense. And realizing that we have been taken advantage of, Conservatives believe that good will triumph over evil. It will…eventually; but when is eventually?

As Christians, (most of us are) we believe God will deal with everything. Being a Christian, I believe that. Nonetheless, I am a highly flawed Christian, so I choose to not turn the other cheek, when it comes to fighting for my way of life. I choose to believe that God wants me to do this, because this is a fight for Christian values, ergo a fight for God.

Liberals are silly little creatures, who will destroy themselves just to be right, something they will never achieve. Liberals would rather be dead than allow the real right to win out.

Sure Christians will win in the end. But it would be selfish for us to just let things happen as they have. I don’t know about you, but I fight for my kids, and their kids, and for the cause of righteousness.


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