Dems Open the Gate for Trojan Horses

It seems as though certain democrats are dealing in narratives and not facts when it comes to the request for 65,000 Syrian refugees to settle in America over the next few years. Senator Kaine, D-Va., and 13 other democrat senators wrote a letter literally begging the President to increase the numbers. These refugees will be placed all over the country and may be slated to come to your town by 2016.

The Homeland Security subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence held a hearing last week. They listened to expert testimony concerning the security situation in Iraq and Syria. In addition the panel spoke abut the  Syrian refugee screening process and its probable vulnerabilities relating to our safety.

Subcommittee chair, Rep. King, R-N.Y., opened up the hearing reminding everyone of the longstanding history our country has in providing safe haven for refugees, and that many have added a great deal to our country giving the example of Albert Einstein from Germany. For those like Einstein, I would throw out the welcome mat, but we are living in extraordinary times that require a much broader/deeper vetting process for refugees.

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King discussed  the case of Mohanad Shareef Hammadi and Waad Ramadan Alwan who were Iraqi refugees living in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2009. They were part of 73,000 Iraqis admitted to our country from 2006-2012. The State Department realized they had goofed when it was discovered that the two had  history of bomb making and aiding in IED attacks on our soldiers. In fact they took part in killing 4 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen.

This  story revealed the need for change in the screening process of refugees. In 2011  significant changes were made, but in that time frame at least one deserving Iraqi who had helped our soldiers was assassinated. The changes made implemented a procedural denial component which may have actually hurt those Afghan and Iraqi nationals who helped the US in our military campaigns.

Why does it so often seem like common sense is lacking in our government? For instance, why doesn’t our refugee program reward those foreigners who have gone out of their way to help our country in some way, or demonstrate the desire for freedom.

Consider Dr. Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who helped us nail Bin Laden, who now sits in a Pakistani prison awaiting trial. He is one man I would love to see settled in America. In a perfect world, he deserves to be brought here to an undisclosed location where he and his family could enjoy the taste of freedom.

Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul, R- Tx., stated that terrorists have made it known that they intend to exploit the refugee programs in order to secure passage into this country. He wrote a letter to President Obama asking about security risks associated with an accelerated  Syrian Refugee resettlement. He has received no real response.

Mr. Thomas Fuentes, a retired FBI Assistant Director, explained that Yemen has better ground intelligence sharing than Syria. We have no reliable partner in Syria to provide human intelligence, an important component in the vetting process. The intelligence we had in 2009 from Iraq was much better than what we have now in Syria. Look how easy it was to miss two known bomb makers.

At present, Syria has undoubtedly the highest concentration of ISIS and Al Qaeda members. Why would 14 democrats be so concerned about bringing as many refugees from that country as possible right now? In addition, the 14 don’t seem concerned about the fact that Syria is said to be “dark” with no reliable or verifiable information regarding these refugees.

Approximately 1.7 million Syrian refugees are in Turkey, 1.2 million in Lebanon, Iraq with 249,000, and Jordan has 629,000. The expert panel discussed the possibility of retrieving Syrian refugees  from Jordan because of the good relationship we have with them. In addition they possess a more reputable ground intelligence. The bottom line, there is no surety when it comes to the refugees backgrounds. If it were known the US were getting them exclusively from Jordan, it would cause an increase in jihadi operatives to migrate there.

I would venture to say not one of the democrats or anyone in this administration pushing for more refugees would want them moving in next door to their families, yet these are the very ones implementing federal action plans to teach communities how to welcome the refugees.

On November 21, 2014, Obama, “established by Presidential Memorandum the White House Task Force on New Americans, an interagency effort to develop a coordinated federal strategy to better integrate immigrants into American communities.” Basically, I believe this effort is meant to squelch any dissent to the endless line of mostly Muslim refugees, immigrants,(legal and illegal), who will be placed in neighborhoods all across America.

Islamic terrorists have made it known that they constantly look for avenues to place operatives inside our country. We cannot afford to be unsuspecting as jihadists look for the Trojan horse scenario. It shouldn’t be that hard to find considering certain legislators who seem to be throwing the gate wide open to accept whoever comes our way, vetted or not.

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