G-7 Summit: They Call This a Protest?

I cracked up seeing the title: Crises darken the G-7 Summit, knowing that Obama would be in attendance. That title is cleverly racist against the world’s black leader. I love it!

Yes, the G-7 Summit time is here. When taxpayers from all over the world finance paid vacations to their “leaders,” who do nothing but laugh at the very people financing the trip.

Here is the way the protest was described in an article by ABC:

With aching muscles, 400 protesters are making their way back down the mountain after failing to breach the security perimeter around the German Alpine hotel where the G-7 leaders are meeting.

Protester Micha Schmid from Bavaria said “we didn’t make it in, but I think we sent a message that the world leaders are hiding from the people.”

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Walking through a Bavarian Alpine meadow in full bloom, he added “and this was definitely the most beautiful protest I’ve ever been on.”

After a 2 ½-hour uphill hike and a two-hour standoff with police, dozens of activists stopped for beer and sausages at a 300-year-old guest house before making the final descent to the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Police in heavy body armor looked on hungrily for a while before leaving the protesters to enjoy their refreshments.

They sent a message?! Hell, I’d PAY to protest like that!

Get fit, then grab a Schnitzel and a beer at the end. Sign me up!

Sauntering through a “Bavarian Alpine meadow” IN FULL BLOOM (and why not). Hey Ferguson, this is how white folk throw down!

I love the way they described the “standoff with police.” What “standoff”?!

The worst part of the “standoff” was for the cops; they had to stand and watch the protesters wolfing down sausages and beer.

The description of this completely BS event would be remiss if the media didn’t remind the world as just how great Barack Obama is:

Obama was the only one of the visiting leaders to walk the last stretch of the uphill route.

Obama often chafes at the limits placed on his mobility by U.S. Secret Service agents who protect him around the clock. He tries to avoid the motorcade and walk when he can.

Barack Obama: doing his part to save the planet!


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