Guess Who is protecting Hillary Clinton now?

The fix is in.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is protecting Hillary Clinton…from her own name.

As Dick Morris reported:

In an effort to head off a Hillary Clinton presidency, my wife Eileen and I set up a PAC which we called “Dick Morris’ Just Say No To Hillary” PAC. No sooner had we set it up — we haven’t begun to raise money for it yet (coming soon!!) — when we received a letter from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) saying we had to close down.

FEC regulations prohibit use of the name of a candidate the PAC is supporting in the organization’s name. The idea is to distinguish a committee for a candidate, organized under the regular election laws, and one backing and opposing issues that happen to help a specific candidate. They didn’t want voters to get confused.

So what is confusing about a PAC named “Just Say No To Hillary?” The FEC saw no distinction between a PAC using a candidate’s name to oppose her from one that used it to support her. The FEC regulation clearly applied only to PACs supporting a candidate, but the bureaucrats, eager to protect their candidate, twisted the meaning of the regulation to kill our PAC.

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The very same thing happened to another PAC with Hillary’s name, and like Morris’ PAC it is very much an obvious ANTI-Hillary PAC, called STOP HILLARY!





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