Hey Apple…I Want a Jihadi App for My IPhone

In this incredible technological age, we have apps for learning languages, getting directions, playing music, and even identifying sex offenders in a neighborhood. Yet, there isn’t an application yet available that could pinpoint a Jihadist in your city, town, workplace, or even one that may be living next door.

As citizens, we can know where the pedophiles live, those who want to hurt our kids. But we are not privy to that information on Islamic individuals who attend Sunni mosques and travel back and forth to Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other war-weary countries. In other words, we don’t get to know where the “sleeper cells” exist among us.

As thousands of new immigrants are slated to arrive over the next few years, the chances of rubbing shoulders with Islamic terrorists increase dramatically. The percentage of Muslims in the Refugee Resettlement Program was close to zero in the 1990’s. By the year 2000 it was 44 percent. Post 9/11 that number dropped, but now sits at 40 percent and rising.

According to this article,

Membership in a U.S.-registered Islamic terrorist group is not a bar to entry on the program as long as the refugee was not a “direct participant” in “terrorist” activity.

This condition raises quite a few red flags.

Presently our cities and towns are being flooded with refugees who are not only coming across our southern border, but are being flown in from places like Iraq, Somalia and now Syria. Some 65,000 are to be brought to America from Syria over the next several years according to the Refugee Council USA’s (RCUSA) recommendation. Basically there are nine agencies who work with the State Department to move immigrants here and the RCUSA lobbies for contracts with them. The United Nations choose which immigrants will be relocated.

Some of the nine agencies include groups like the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, World Relief, and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Wait for it…these groups get paid per head.

Under the shroud of supposed compassion is a behemoth human trafficking operation. Once these agencies receive money from the government, they are prohibited from sharing Biblical faith with them. What seems to be happening, specifically with the Muslim immigrants, is they are being encouraged not to assimilate.

Nashville’s Chief Academic Officer Jay Steele commented on Arabic classes that are being offered in many of their schools. “Heritage”  Arabic classes are meant to build off the skills students in the districts already have. We believe it will help them be more engaged in school as a whole and also help them stay connected to their native culture.” Read more about Nashville area schools here.

I don’t think staying connected to cultures from battling Islamic countries is a dependable recipe for producing law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans. This was the case with the Tsarnaev brothers. They came to the U.S. as small boys with their parents, who were asylum seekers to escape war in Chechnya. They grew up attending a Boston mosque, became radicalized and killed three people, injuring scores of others, at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

According to this article,

”FBI terrorism expert Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the agency’s counter-terrorism unit, has said that screening refugees from a ‘failed state’ like Syria is beyond the capability of U.S. intelligence because the U.S. has no military presence in Syria and does not have access to reliable police or intelligence records.” Steinbach testified publicly to this fact at a Feb. 11 hearing before the House Homeland Security committee.

The Obama State Department, DHS, and 14 Democrat Senators, who are begging for 65,000 Syrian refugees, want us to believe that these people have all been vetted and found to be safe for our streets and small towns. In other words, we are supposed to place our trust in the hope that all aliens moving here are telling the truth on their paperwork. In a failed state there are no solid records available in order to thoroughly check backgrounds. No, the American people are expected to be comforted by a belief that the UN has our best interest at heart. They would never allow anyone to come to our country who would want to harm its citizens in any way. Really? And when the State Department was asked about the specifics of their vetting process by Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., he was told, ” the details of these checks are classified.” So much for transparency.

Apple would need all the background information in order to compile a list of possible terrorists and their locations. Even the FBI’s new head of the Cincinnati division says,

“…the threat of homegrown terrorists in her native state is surprising and scary. I’m not sure the general public quite gets the gravity of it,” she said.

It seems like there isn’t a month that goes by where we don’t have a terrorist attack or attempted attack on American soil. This number is set to steadily increase considering our open borders, refugee resettlement programs, encouragement for immigrants to adhere to their culture rather than assimilate, and the presence of numerous Mosques across the country purportedly preaching jihad to their members on a regular basis.

I won’t hold my breath on the app. Proposing the idea just illustrates the lack of concern on the part of many elected officials from the president on down for the safety of American citizens. These people habitually disregard their oath of office. It is done by not providing for the common defense against enemies both foreign and domestic. Instead, they arrange for foreign enemies to become domestic enemies.

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