Hillary Clinton’s new troubles

I have been saying for some time that Hillary Clinton will bow out. She will fake an injury, and I’m predicting it will be “cancer.” Hillary will get diagnosed something grave and decide it’s time to retire.

Will it be at the threat of going to jail? Perhaps. But it could be the realization of the futility of her campaign.

Hillary is only at the beginning, and things are already bad. Remember everything leading up to her announcement, e.g. “dead broke,” the shoe-throwing incident, avoiding protests at a CA university, the “Bossy” Campaign, and the remaking of Hillary. ALL failures.

But what’s worse is with all the protection of the media, the support of a reluctant Democratic Party, and Bill, Hillary still can’t gain traction.

We were told she’s the most known woman on earth, and she began her campaign going essentially unnoticed at an eatery. We were then told that she was going to raise so much money, nobody could touch her. Do you know how much she raised? I don’t. But I know it’s not enough.

Hillary is terminal. She knows it; the Dems know it.

As Politico reports, poll numbers are not good for Hillary:

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Her untrustworthy ratings are stubbornly high, and perhaps most alarming of all for Team Hillary, the “so-called scandals,” as Clinton campaign operatives like to refer to them, are starting to take their toll on her favorability numbers, sending chills down the spines of Democrats who have put all their eggs in the Hillary basket.

It’s a huge turnabout from September 2011, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the widely admired globe-trotting diplomat, logged her highest favorability rating ever in a CNN poll — 69 percent.

In a new CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday, she was down to 46 percent. Even worse for her, the poll showed Clinton with her highest unfavorability ratings of the past 14 years — 50 percent, putting her underwater. A separate poll released Tuesday by The Washington Post and ABC News found that Clinton’s favorability was just 45 percent, the lowest in that survey since April 2008, when she was in the middle of a tough primary fight against Barack Obama.

Campaign operatives and independent pollsters said they always expected Clinton’s numbers to drop after she changed status from nonpartisan international problem-solver to declared, partisan presidential candidate — though perhaps not so far, so fast.

Outside the campaign, however, some Democrats viewed the sagging poll numbers with concern. The problem, they said, is how quickly Clinton seems to be draining the tank of goodwill with which she left the State Department. Her long-term problem, Democratic operatives said, is that it’s harder to turn negative opinions around, and the later the politicization of Hillary Clinton could begin, the better. No matter how low-key her launch was intended to be, the politics clearly seeped in early.

“I’m sure when they look at these numbers they’re saying, ‘Thank God it’s June and not February 2016,” Democratic consultant Donna Brazile said on CNN on Tuesday, responding to the new batch of polling results.

What Brazile said is an understatement to say the least. Hillary will be out before Fed of next year.


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