NBA Players Want Pot Legalized

Here we were worried about steroids, and the NBA players are more interested in POT!

If I were a B-league baller, I’d hope for this to come to pass, as it will surely open the door for a few more players.

Have these guys heard of Rickey Williams, running back from Texas who blew his NFL career because of marijuana?

According to 365 Rundown:

10 out of 10 active NBA players believe it’s time to LEGALIZE medicinal marijuana in the NBA … and the recent video of Kevin Durant dropping prescription pot in L.A. is only fueling the pro-weed fire. 

Here’s the dilemma … since Rx weed is already legal in several states, should the league continue to outlaw the green stuff if a player has a legitimate prescription from a doctor???

We asked 10 active NBA players (all of whom wanted to remain anonymous) … and they all made it very clear — it’s time to legalize it!!!

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10 out of 10?

The current CBA expires in 2017, and during the next round of negotiations, expect the players’ union to push for this.

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