No CHEERING Allowed?

Liberals are about control.

And this story is a perfect example of how these power hungry mental midgets go about it.


According to Fox News,

The Mississippi school superintendent who pressed charges against people for cheering at a high school graduation says he plans to make a statement in court Tuesday, but won’t say if he’ll drop the charges.

Senatobia school Superintendent Jay Foster reiterated in a telephone interview Friday that he’s trying to ensure that some families don’t ruin graduations for others by raising a ruckus.

He says he filed misdemeanor, disturbing-the-peace charges against three people because they disobeyed instructions to hold their cheers. Before doing so, he says he consulted with school board members, administrators and the district’s lawyer.

I understand the need to control stupid outbursts. But if you can sue because kids want to celebrate what is supposed to be an achievement, what have we come to. It’s not like they yelled “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Note that what most irked the superintendent is that they “disobeyed instructions.”

Being disruptive deserves discipline; however, simple celebration is not. At least it used to not be this way, when adults ran things.

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