Obama on Communities of Color

When I was on The Kelly File, it hit me how often Obama uses the term, “communities of color.”

I’d love for somebody to press him on what that means.

For example are Asians part of the “communities of color?”

I haven’t heard Asian people talking about cop abuse.

It would seem they are too busy running businesses, and teaching their children how to embarrass the American education system home-schooling BRILLIANT SCHOLARS.

HOW do these communities occur? We all know the answer to this, but just to be clear; Democrats created these communities of color.

Ironically, Obama doesn’t live in a community of color. He never has, and he never will. He’s a product of a Republican society, where people of all colors live wherever they want. Yet, we still have these “communities of color.”

“Communities of color” are there for a reason. The black Liberals corralled and trapped in these “communities of color” have been trained like circus animals. And at the appropriate time, the show must go on.

As when he discusses America, Obama never talks about the police without an adder about how they are not acting colorblind, and are in need of training or some other nonsense. The police are too new to all of this, well…policing.

As I quipped on The Kelly File,

“Obama acts like black people were dropped from outer space, and cops are trying to figure out what to do with them.?

In America, black people are older than Jesus’ flip flops, but Obama and other Liberals want to treat black Liberals like babies.

As for police treatment of blacks, many would argue that based on crime stats, black people are getting a pass. In most urban areas, crimes is 200 to 500+ percent higher than the national average.

Put another way: when it comes to violent crime, black Liberals don’t need to be graded on a curve.

And isn’t it funny that Obama seems to forget who’s in charge of the police in these cities. It’s all Democrats. He never discusses this, as if the police are made up of clones of George Bush.

The black on black crime that isn’t mentioned are the black leaders who allow the atrocities to occur to the people they serve up!


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