Political Correctness: Cultural Jihad?

Perhaps one of the best gages of the attitudes and opinions of American culture and society has been its comedians. It has always been their unofficial job to make sure we do not take ourselves too seriously, bring us down a peg or two, all while making us laugh. For those of us old enough to remember, one of the masters of this was the late George Carlin. His views, even back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, were clearly liberal and nearly all of us remember the very funny “seven dirty words you can’t say on television”. And back then, you couldn’t. But it was always guys like Carlin pushing the envelope, seeing just how far they could go.

Recently, on an appearance of “The Late Show with Seth Meyers”, comedian Jerry Seinfeld talked about the state of American comedy, and much of it had to do with political correctness. He said that where the lines are drawn regarding what is acceptable and not acceptable to tell jokes about are not getting broader but much narrower. In a recent separate interview, Seinfeld said he does not play college campuses because of the extreme purview of political correctness.

Liberals have dominated college campuses for decades. In a place where the expression and exchange of free thoughts and ideas should be a hallmark, instead there are “free speech zones”, and being able to report the private conversation of two strangers to campus authorities if one happens to overhear and be offended.

But the cultural terrorism goes much deeper. With the help of millions of keyboard warriors basking in the glow of anonymity, words like racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, and a list of others are thrown around like word confetti, often times just because there is disagreement. The Left and its minions have also learned another dangerous lesson.  If you are a Christian, maybe even a (gasp!) Conservative Christian, or perhaps you are merely a Conservative, if you have a problem with gay marriage, or you have the “wrong” (according to the Left) opinion of Bruce, a.k.a., Caitlyn Jenner. Perhaps you are concerned with what seems like American culture being taken over by demands of Muslim immigrants, or one of the worst offenses, having a differing view of things like Ferguson, Baltimore, or McKinney Texas, well, God help you. Oh yeah, God is on the can’t-say-it list too.

But it is not enough to go online to smear and name-call. The ultimate goal for the Left, when you disagree, is the shutting down of whatever it is they do not like, posting personal information like addresses, and eventually, destroying people’s lives. Death threats to the “intolerant” and their families is the desired end result. Ask Darren Wilson, and anyone who may have defended Josh Duggar or Phil Robertson if they believe in cultural jihad.

So where will cultural jihad lead us?  It leads us down a dangerous path. It will deter good people from running for any public office, it deters people from giving their point of view, on anything, and it transforms America into the antithesis of what its very foundation is. But then again, wasn’t fundamental transformation of America the Left’s original idea anyway?

We may be well on the way.

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