Representative Mike Rogers Proposes Bill to Withdraw from the UN!

Representative Mike Rogers from Alabama has submitted a bill to withdraw from The United Nations. It is called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015 (H.R. 1205)

The United Nations has long been a thorn in the side of the United States. They basically take our money and spend it in places and on projects that overall weaken the American stance in the world. Now that I think about it, this administration tends to have the same track record.

Can you imagine life without the UN? I envision a group of happy people skipping merrily through a daisy flowered field in slow motion, with birds singing and butterflies fluttering around. More than that, I picture the scene from the great Disney classic “Song of The South,” where Uncle Remus sings Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

According to Better World Campaign, an advocacy/lobbying group for the UN, “The U.S. contributes more to the UN than any other country — 22 percent of the regular UN budget and 27 percent of the peacekeeping budget — but receives a significant return on its investment since the UN advances many U.S. national interests. For years, the U.S. shorted the UN on these dues, but in 2009, Congress paid in full and addressed recent arrears. We ask that Congress continue to pay all that we owe the UN, and on time. To do less hobbles the UN as it fights for human rights and dignity, keeps the peace, builds democracies, and improves the lives of millions across the world.” So, are we to believe that the UN is a champion for human rights and dignity, keeping the peace, building democracies, and improving the lives of millions across the world?

There are 193 member states that make up the UN General Assembly, 57 of those are from Islamic majority nations. This block of 57 is called the Operation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and they speak as one. Not too long ago, they were the driving force behind the passage of UN 1618, which basically attacks our freedom of speech. With the OIC heavily involved in the UN, and helping to ‘champion’ human rights, what could go wrong?

Consider the abundance of human rights in Islamic countries these days. Actually, I don’t think I’ll need a calculator for this one, barely any. When the OIC talks about human rights, it is only talking about human rights for Muslims. From what I’ve seen, if Bruce Jenner lived in an Islamic country, he wouldn’t have given Caitlyn a second thought. As far as keeping the peace, where is this occurring? It is certainly not in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, the South Sudan, Mali, Libya, and others. I don’t think these countries are on the top list of vacation spots for the summer. Look at the results of nation building in Libya. The UN and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conspired to rid the world of Qadhafi and replace him with a kinder gentler government. The UN passed a resolution that placed an arms embargo on Libya and the Arab League suspended Libya’s membership.

When reading Clinton’s speech to the UN from February 2011, it is almost like a Saturday Night Live scenario. I could see her speech being played simultaneously with different video clips displaying the capture of Qadhafi and the carnage of Benghazi. A true success story, similar to all the other ‘Arab Spring” crap put forth by this administration.
Does the UN really improve the lives of millions across the globe? I am reminded of the countless thousands of Christians being slaughtered for their faith by barbaric Islamic groups, as well as numerous other people groups. This type of persecution is producing thousands of refugees that the UN orders to go to different countries in order to be taken care of.

The American State Department works hand in hand with the UN in The Refugee Resettlement Program. This program sends thousands of refugees to our shores. A small percentage surprisingly are those truly needing to escape religious persecution. Of the nine major agencies receiving federal grant money to help this human trafficking along are church groups. Once they accept money from our government, they are prohibited from sharing their faith with the refugees. This fact makes me question the motive of these churches.

I would like to return to my happy place of a world with no United Nations. Our country would have a heck of a lot more money. We wouldn’t be involved with an organization who takes much of its marching orders from Islamic countries or be involved with numerous failed attempts of democracy building. The United States could actually have a say in which refugees would be allowed in this country, preferably ones who actually want to be here and become American citizens. Those are just a few positives. I’m sure you could think of many more.
I am 100% behind Representative Mike Rogers for having the spine to propose something that makes absolute sense in a country whose majority leadership has gone crazy.

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