Section 8 Housing: When You Don’t Have to Care

This came to us as a viral email. I find the content compelling.

The problem with public housing is that the people who live in the house did not earn the money to build the house nor did they buy it; they are not the owners… they were merely loaned the property by the actual owners and just reside there at the expense of the owners.

Because of this, the residents do not have the “pride of ownership”… they do not respect the property and do not care for it as they would if it were their own. That comes with the hard work necessary to become owners.

In fact, quite the opposite happens. The residents resent their benefactors, because the very house is a constant reminder that they themselves have not earned the right to live in the house. They neither appreciate the value of the property nor understand the need to maintain or respect it in any way.

The result is the same, whether one is talking about either a studio apartment in the projects or a magnificent mansion full of priceless antiques and antiquities.

Note the common theme of the following photographs.

Section 8 4 Section 8 3 Section 8 2 Section 8 1



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