We See the Effects: Liberals Keep Our Focus off the Cause

In recent months we all have seen riots, looting, disrespect of authority and racism from all sides. We are furious and becoming a bit dejected by these unseemly events. As we listen live and in color, most seem to have valid arguments to express. However, with a bright spotlight illuminating each example, we seem to have ceased a serious investigation of the root cause.

Most will agree that home life has deteriorated to an unparalleled low and is a primary explanation without argument; however, the government has no jurisdiction over what takes place in the home and it should remain so. That being accepted, we do possess jurisdiction over what takes place in American schools and this is where Conservatives must focus their attention.

All of the above negative vents are merely diversion tactics of liberal sleight of hand artists to alter our focus from America’s true dilemma. Lets take an initial glance at what is taking place in our schools. Instruction abounds in regards to the dangers of global warming or environmentalism, sex education, abortion, and multiculturalism to name a few. If we truly examine these subjects you will realize they are all popular liberal issues guiding students toward the liberal point of view.

For instance, students are encouraged to accept that man is destroying the world, pro-abortion is not simply encouraged, but schools transport students to have it executed. Students are not merely taught to tolerate an individual, they are instructed to tolerate individual actions whether or not they are contrary to parental beliefs.

Have you ever speculated why there is so much open hatred and racism in America? Incidentally, racism is not merely a white phenomenon: I perceive the one true equality in America is racism. Take a glance at what is taught of American history. Most is draped in the civil rights movement and slavery not to mention the celebration of Black History Month.

We constantly instruct young minds how appalling white people were, which in turn enlightens them to how bad white people are now. I may not know a lot; however, I do recognize if you desire to get over something, the first detail you need to achieve is to forgive and forget. There are countless individuals out there preaching young minds not to forgive or forget. No one will be capable of removing hatred while those out there continue to fuel that fire.

Are you able to perceive my point and why America has become so liberal and divided? It is what the enemy covets in hopes we will destroy ourselves. Abraham Lincoln articulated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” In addition he enlightened us with, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” President Lincoln advised us we would be defeated from within and it most likely would transpire via America’s education system.

Conservatives and Americans, I exclaim, direct your spotlight to renovating the cause rather than spotlighting the effect. Take our schools “Back to the Basics” and let our children grow up being proud of America, not ashamed. Focus on the “Drop-In” rate, not the “Drop-Out” rate. The “Drop-Out” rate is the responsibility of the parents; the “Drop-In” rate is the responsibility of our schools.

Severe consequences must be placed on student disruptions and disrespectful students. An average of over ten minutes per class period is squandered via these discipline problems; this purports to ONE ENTIRE class period per week or equivalent to missing 28 days a semester. How many students do you imagine being successful neglecting school that habitually?

America will only survive if we focus on reviving education as President Lincoln cautioned.


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