Terrorist Attack: Dallas PD Headquarters

In the Era of Obama, where wrong is right, welfare is stimulus, Islam is the “religion of peace,” and cops are the bad guys, it’s no wonder true Americans are at constant vigil.

We know this government won’t protect us, because it would have to begin by destroying itself.

So when I read that the Dallas PD was attacked by terrorists, I was not surprised. To understand the idiocy of Obama taking military weapons away from the cops recently, check out this story.

Gunmen attacked the police headquarters in downtown Dallas from inside an armored van early Saturday morning, shooting at officers and leaving bags filled with pipe bombs around the building in a brazen overnight assault that led to a standoff that is continuing.

Police officials said no officers were wounded or killed in the attack, which began outside police headquarters and spread to the parking lot of a restaurant in a nearby suburb after the vehicle fled from the authorities. Officers fired at the vehicle with 50-caliber rifles and disabled it.

The attack started at about 12:30 a.m. outside the police headquarters when witnesses told the police that multiple suspects inside a van began shooting at officers and rammed a police vehicle. The shots struck parked patrol cars.

The police pursued the vehicle as it sped south of Dallas to a Jack In the Box restaurant parking lot off Interstate 45 in the suburb of Hutchins, a 10-minute drive from downtown. Officers and the suspects exchanged gunfire in the parking lot, but negotiations followed.

At some point during the attack and standoff, one of the suspects identified himself to the police as James Boulware, who lives in Paris, Tex.

“The suspect has told our negotiator that we took his child and that we accused him of being a terrorist and that he’s going to blow us up, and then cut off negotiations,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters at a predawn news conference. “We cannot confirm a motive at this time.”

Thank God for that 50-cal!

Think these gunmen would have done this in a different police climate? The nerve to shoot up a police STATION, not just a cop vehicle on patrol.

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