The Indian Dream: What Obama Built

Image drawn by Yuvashree, Chinmaya Vidhyalaya
Image drawn by Yuvashree, Chinmaya Vidhyalaya

Barack Obama has The American Dream in the emergency room on a respirator.

America’s economy sucks so bad, America’s best and brightest, the Indians are returning home; leaving companies like Google to pursue…The Indian Dream.


According to Bloomberg,

India’s booming startup culture probably wouldn’t feel any effects if the H-1B floodgates suddenly opened. The super-growth potential these days is east, not west. While only about 19 percent of Indians are connected to the Internet, their numbers are mushrooming. Economic output is expanding at an annual rate of more than 7 percent, and by some projections the country’s population will reach 1.6 billion to surpass China’s by 2050.

India’s hard to resist. Google engineering executives Peeyush Ranjan and Punit Soni recently left the company and California for home, moving to Bangalore to join Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company and Snapdeal’s main domestic rival. Namita Gupta departed Facebook for Zomato, a restaurant-search service based in New Delhi.

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That’s right. Indians are leaving Google to go back home, because they see the writing on the wall. And that writing is clear in the numbers.

While the U.S. economy continues to flatline, India is booming. It’s just a matter of time, when you look at a few factors.

For example, recently we were told to be optimistic about the 280,000 jobs created, when in fact it happens every summer. These are part-time jobs, mainly for college kids.

Next we were told that our economy was poised to grow at an anemic o.2 percent, when fact it shrank by 0.7 percent.

While America’s government lies, India’s reality looms.

India produces better students than America, and have for decades. Do you think our Department of Education is studying their system, so we could eventually win a spelling bee?!

I suggest you get Rosetta Stone and start learning Hindi, and investigate India’s amnesty plan!





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