Other “white” stuff we can ban


Liberals are so hell bent on ridding the world of white, we decided to help them decide what to ban next, now that the Confederate flag, the supposed symbol of White Supremacy.

Using that logic, white bread is the symbol of white supremacy in the baking category, so let’s BAN WHITE BREAD!

Let’s help Liberals decide what to ban next. What’s your choice? If we missed anything on this list, please feel free to add to it.

My personal favorite was submitted by a white friend of mine Marc quipped,

Let’s ban cotton; after all y’all picked that!

Here’s the list we started:

Cottage Cheese; they might as well call this “SLAVE QUARTERS Cheese!”
Whip Cream; Do I really need to tell you why this MUST GO!?
White Papers; What? No black papers?
White Milk; Got Milk, aka Got White? The oppression of the black man is OBVIOUS here!
The White Crayon; What’s that needed for when paper is WHITE already.
White Paper; We can keep this, as long as we get rid of the white racist crayon!
White T shirts; Why? The dominant t-shirt, when it can’t even be seen most of the time
Baby Powder – Thats white
Flour- Especially self-rising white flour!
White picket fences
Ivory Soap
White Toliets
Black people with the last name of White, like Barry White
Q-tips; See “Cotton”
Chef’s hat & jacket
White chocolate; yeah RIGHT!
White sheets; Negro PLEASE!
White sales
White Cars
The White Stripes (band)
Liquid paper
Crest Whitening Strips
Sunscreen! (it really keeps ya white)
The “whites” in eyes!
Snow White – Disney is GONE!

Update 06-26-15

White stripes on roads
Any town with “white” in the name
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