You Won’t Believe This White to Black Story

Meet a real-life, “I didn’t know I was white” black woman. And this woman had courage.

Back in the day, if a black person could pass for white, most did. But this woman chose not to, and her story is extraordinary.

As reported by CBS Houston,

A woman who thought she was black found out after 70 years that she was actually white.

Verda Byrd on Converse tells KENS-TV that she found out she was white when she started searching for her biological parents in 2013.

“My adoptive mother, Edwinna Wagner, never told me that she had adopted a white baby,” Byrd explained. “She took it to her grave that she had a white daughter.”

Byrd was originally born to Earl and Daisy Beagle – described as white transients – in September 1942 in Missouri. Byrd’s original birth name was Jeanette Beagle.

She and her four siblings were taken by the state of Missouri after Daisey Beagle fell 30 feet to the ground in a trolley accident. Earl Beagle had already walked out on the family by the time of the accident.

She was then adopted by an African-American family from Newton, Kansas – Ray and Edwinna Byrd. They changed her name from Jeanette to Verda Ann Wagner.

She grew up treated as a “fair-skinned black child.”

“Jeanette Beagle does not fit Verda Byrd,” she told KENS. “Jeanette Beagle does not have an education. Jeanette Beagle has no social security money because she does not work. She never went to kindergarten.”

Despite discovering she was white, Byrd still identifies as African-American.

She has reunited with her Beagle siblings.

Have you noticed the strangeness of this story? In what Obama (and idiot Leftists) deem RACIST America, a black family stepped up and adopted a little white girl.

Next, that little white girl accepted her circumstances, and grew up as PART OF THE FAMILY! The emphasis was so NOT on color, that she just thought she was a light-skinned black girl.

Lesson to lying Leftist, Rachel Dolezal: Verda Byrd didn’t try to profit from her true misunderstanding.


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