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Drugs legalized and now THIS!

Happy hour is back! At least in Illinois.

As STL Today reports:

Happy hour drink specials will make a comeback in Illinois under legislation signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The discounted drink specials have been banned in Illinois since the late 1980s over concerns about excessive drinking and impaired driving.

The measure signed Wednesday allows drink specials up to four hours each day and up to 15 hours a week. But it doesn’t allow volume specials like two drinks for the price of one and it prohibits deals after 10 p.m.

Proponents say the change will produce more tax revenue for state and local governments through increased alcohol sales.

It’s as if somebody figured out that America needs to be DRUGGED in order to get through the mess Obama and Liberals have made.

Talk about stinking the place up! Doesn’t it feel like you loaned your cabin to friends, and they let their dogs poop all over your Persian rugs?

There is the revenue component. Government is willing to crack a few eggs, in order to get the almighty dollar.





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