America: The Great Muslim Suck-Up Nation


Once again, Americans watched in horror last week as five Service Members were killed at two Recruitment Centers in Chattanooga Tennessee by a Kuwaiti-born Muslim extremist.

Twenty-four year old Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez came to the United States with his parents at a young age and grew up here. But like so many young men of Middle Eastern descent, had become radicalized through contacts and websites. Authorities are also investigating trips he took to Jordan and possibly Yemen.

In the weeks following 9/11, there was not a more patriotic nation on Earth than the United States. We flew flags everywhere, and people put aside their disagreements and their differences and concentrated on being Americans. But in the years since that awful day, something has happened. It is hard to put into words and even harder to understand. Maybe the best way to explain it is a twisted kind of Lefty Stockholm Syndrome.

In the fifteen years since 9/11, the U.S. has admitted approximately 1.6 million people from predominantly Muslim countries. That is more than enough people for liberals to feel the need to lecture the rest of us on the virtues of diversity and tolerance. As Americans we have always prided ourselves on being the melting pot of the world. Melting pot is one thing, caving like a botched soufflé is something completely different.

We do not expect Muslims who come here to live to assimilate into American society and culture as has traditionally been the norm with anyone immigrating to this country. Instead, we are caving to the expectation that Americans will assimilate into Muslim culture. We have adopted a sort of “don’t make the bear mad” mentality.

A Muslim employee at a Brooklyn Costco refused to check out customers who purchased alcohol or pork so he was transferred to another department, he is suing Costco. Companies like Hertz car rentals and Heinz move heaven and earth to allow Muslim employee prayer rugs, special prayer times, etc. All they asked was that the employees clock out prior to going to their prayer break, and not leave the premises. Again, lawsuits to follow.

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America’s public schools have become little more than places of Islamic indoctrination. Muslim prayers are not only being taught, but students are forced to memorize and recite them. Girls are being forced to wear head scarves so they will “know what it feels like.” San Diego public schools began a pilot program of Halal school lunches in May of this year.

The list of examples goes on.

This insanity began with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, who mocked us; taunted us to dare question his faith, as well as his loyalty to America. It was a great way to take it off the agenda. The outcome is an internal war against America by Muslims.

How many more attacks will America tolerate before we decide like a few other countries, that Islam is not the “religion of peace?”