American Leadership, You Watching the Islamists?

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Jordanian/Palestinian jihadi who killed five people in Chattanooga, was a model Muslim. He was following the doctrine of his Islamic faith, just as Nidal Hasan did at Ft. Hood in 2009, who by the way was also of the same ethnic descent.

The terrorist attacks he engaged in last week are sanctioned in the Quran. Are the majority of those in leadership positions really pondering and wondering what in the world happened in this young man’s life that could have possibly pushed him over the edge? Or could they have possibly known more about this man.

If you turn to the “drive-by” media, they will go with the theme of depression, since that is what Abdulazeez’s parents are claiming at this point. And why shouldn’t they use this excuse?  It works so well here in America; to shovel the blame onto something else, all the while getting sympathy from bleeding-heart liberal types.

I’m guessing he was depressed because of how he has been treated in our country, which is to say American. Maybe he was “singled out” because he looked foreign or has a middle-eastern name, like Barack Hussein Obama? Surely nobody with a Muslim name could get elected president in this country full of infidels and “white devils.”

Yet, here is Abdulazeez’s high school quote:

“My name causes national security alerts.”

He must have suffered terribly, huh?

Frankly, I couldn’t care less if he was depressed or not. He just murdered five of our patriotic, brave young men. And if our leadership were awake and paying attention in this country, there would be NO surprise.

I trust many of the American people were yelling at their TVs when the reporters claimed the authorities didn’t know what could have been the motivation behind an attack like this.

Why would anyone find it hard to believe that Abdulazeez would kill Americans, given that the ideology of his parents and the countries from which they came is to hate America and everything for which it stands? According to their religious/political ideology, we are “The Great Satan.”

In addition, according to DEBKAfile (an Israeli military intelligence website based in Jerusalem), Abdulazeez had traveled to Jordan four times in the last ten years, and on one trip slipped into Yemen.

Why would he not have been on our authorities’ radar? But let’s make sure we don’t go down that path. Let’s look at his self-esteem or see if he was bullied.

And just as predicted, the spin begins. According to the Associated Press:

Mohsin Ali, a member of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, said he hoped the local community didn’t dissolve into turmoil the way others have in the region over the building of mosques and other matters. Peaceful coexistence has largely prevailed here.

“We, our kids, feel 100 percent American and Chattanoogan,” said the Pakistani-born Ali, who is a child psychiatrist. “Now they are wondering if that is how people still look at them.”

Well you know what Mr. Ali, I hope this makes regular Americans look at you all in a whole new light, the light of truth. I trust this jolts not only those in authority in Chattanooga awake, but the rest of America as well.

I believe Muslims should be scrutinized, especially those immigrating from countries that despise us. The initial question should be to ask if they are Sharia-compliant. In other words, do they strictly adhere to the laws put forth by the Quran? This will at least let you know where your Muslim neighbors, co-workers, or friends stand. Hopefully if they are not for the Sharia, they might speak out louder than a faint whisper to condemn any other Muslim who promotes jihad.

Basically we would have to depend on Muslims NOT practicing their faith in order to be able to live at peace with them. And the fact remains…how can you ever be sure of what they harbor in their hearts? It is impossible. This is one more reason among many that we should not bring one more Muslim into this country through a refugee resettlement program.

Sadly, as more Muslims are brought to our country, the higher the statistics of attacks like these happening over and over again. But the authorities are still scratching their heads as they claim no knowledge of what motivated this young man.

I would imagine the FBI and police have already read his blog site.  This will explain in part why he did what he did.

What needs to be explained is why this guy’s background travels to questionable countries and social site postings weren’t enough to intervene before something like this happened.

All the more reason for our military to be armed at all times. I’ve heard it said a soldier that is separated from his weapon is a victim. This massacre certainly proved that.

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