Arrested for Playing the National Anthem?

You may have already heard the incident of the young man in Jacksonville, Florida who was cited on the 4th of July for breaching the peace by playing The National Anthem. As always, there are at least two sides of a story. Regardless of how it all went down, please watch his performance at the end of his interview on Fox and Friends last Friday morning. If it doesn’t give you chills or bring a tear to your eye, then something’s wrong.

Apparently, Lane Pittman, decided to play the National Anthem out in a neighborhood street with his electric guitar and a borrowed amplifier. The listening and cheering crowd  looked to be at least 200 in number. He moved his performance to a near-by sidewalk as was recommended by police. The arrest came after he finished the Star Spangled Banner. In his words, “I was just trying to be as American and patriotic as I possibly could on the fourth of July.”

Police Chief David Sembach responded on his Facebook account, “This case was never about someone playing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ — what freedom loving American would object to that? This case was about the police having the responsibility to keep roadways and sidewalks traversable and as safe as possible.” The chief’s full Facebook post is definitely worth the read.

Policemen have one of the toughest jobs in America today. Much of what they do across this country and specifically in densely populated inner cities is similar to what military police encounter overseas. This is especially true when dealing with crowds that can change like the wind from a spirit of good fun to one with unruly intentions, all the more when you add alcohol to the mix. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it ended peacefully, as it should have.



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