Biden Just Kicked Hillary in Her Naughty Bits

Biden may have given his first indication that he wants to join the Old Washed Up White Democrats Running for President Club.

The hint: money. Big money!

Speaking at the Generation Progress, Biden has called on Democrats to limit the role of big money in the primary season. Hmm, sounds like Biden might be thinking he can’t raise as much as, ahem, some of the other old white Democrats.

Biden goes on to say, according to The Hill:
“Folks, we ought to start in our own party. You ought to be demanding of all of us, all of us, because at least in our own party fights among ourselves, in primaries, that we adhere to a policy that doesn’t rest on millionaires and billionaires,” Biden said Thursday during a speech in Washington.
“They’re good people. They’re not bad, per se,” Biden said to those gathered at the Generation Progress National Summit. “But it’s a hell of a way to run a democracy.”
“So the first place you got to start is in the Democratic Party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate that we understand,” he said.
In other words Hillary, practice what you preach, Ms. Dead Broke!
The article in The Hill goes on:
Biden, who has not ruled out a 2016 presidential bid, insisted he was not talking about any candidate in particular, though his comments could be viewed as an implicit shot at front-runner Hillary Clinton.
“I know a lot of people are going to read into this part of what I’m saying something I’m not intending. I’m not talking about any individual. I really am not,” Biden said.
Whatever, Biden. This is standard operating procedure for Biden, which is to act as if what he says is extemporaneous, when in many cases it is not. In this case, this is a calculated stab at the woman who would be king.
Recently the Clinton campaign announced that it was bringing in nearly $47 million in its first three months. Of that, $30.8 million, or 67 percent, came from donors giving the maximum $2,700 for an individual and $8.1 million from those giving $200 or less, this according to analysis from the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute.
The Clinton campaign lied originally, touting that 94 percent of donations were $250 or less. The implication here is that Clinton is resonating with the grass-roots. We have learned that this is Pluto, far from the truth. Hillary’s campaign is dominated by big money donors.
Biden is “crazy uncling” this subject, acting like he isn’t targeting Hillary. But who else is there?
Oh yeah, what about that other old white Democrat, Bernie Sanders? Biden can’t be alluding to him since 77 percent of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) contributions, $10.5 million, came in donations of $200 or less.
Biden knows he can’t raise money. If his personal finances are any indication, he’s the dumbest white Democrat ever.
“We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money. We can demand that the people we support don’t yield to millionaires and billionaires. Take their money in limited amounts, but what are we doing?” Biden asked Thursday.
Biden might be a great addition to the campaign, as he is the most likely to bring up The Clinton Foundation shenanigans, and get people to pay attention.


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