Black Lies Matter, O’Malley

Do black lives matter more than any other lives? I’d love to see that question put to Hillary Clinton, and all other Democrats.

The Leftists would like America to believe that blacks die in disproportionate numbers at the hands of cops, when they know it’s nonsense.

And when anybody attempts to speak the truth, they are shut down.

As CNN reported:

A town hall for liberal activists featuring two Democratic presidential candidates was interrupted by dozens of demonstrators on Saturday who shouted down the contenders and demanded they address criminal justice issues and police brutality.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders planned to attend a public sit-down interview with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas in front of a left-leaning crowd here at the annual Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of progressives, when the tone of the program shifted just a few minutes into the event.

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O’Malley was answering questions from Vargas on stage when dozens of boisterous conference attendees flooded through a side door and shouted down the White House contender.

“What side are you on my people?” they sang in unison as they approached.

Tia Oso of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, who represented the demonstrators, climbed onto the stage, secured a microphone, and delivered a speech while O’Malley looked on.

“We are going to hold this space. We are going to acknowledge the names of black women who have died in police custody. And Governor O’Malley, we do have questions for you … As the leader of this nation, will you advance a racial justice agenda that will dismantle — not reform, not make progress — but will begin to dismantle structural racism in the United States?”

“Yes,” O’Malley replied, but before he could say more, the demonstrators in front of the stage shouted over him by reciting names of black women who have died in police custody. While they shouted, O’Malley stood in silence. At one point he turned to Oso on stage: “My people came here as immigrants from Ireland.”

Here is what O’Malley SHOULD have said:

If you think your life matters over mine, you’re crazy. Ask most people put in a situation of life and death, their life matters more than yours…PERIOD. That’s why we call selfless people like the military, police, and firefighters “heroes.”

#BlackLivesMatter is racist, because it’s built on a lie that America doesn’t care about blacks. America cares about blacks so much, we elected a black president. There is nothing this country does that represents that black lives don’t matter, unless you include the black people killing each other in record, disproportionate, and downright epidemic numbers.

Furthermore, if black lives matter, somebody better tell that Planned Parenthood lady who is selling black baby body parts!

Since black people love being called African-America, if black lives matter, then why don’t you have your black asses throughout Africa stopping the black genocide that continually occurs on that continent? In case you’re wondering where to start, I suggest Nigeria.  Explain to Boko Haram that #BlackLivesMatter, so perhaps they let those 200 black Christian girls go home to their parents, instead of being used as sex slaves.

PROVE that #BlackLivesMatter. Or is it #BlackLiesMatter?


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