Racism be Damned: LEO Elevates Humanity at KKK Rally

While the MSM and Barack Obama stir the pot of racial discord, a black police officer defies their intent at a KKK rally.  

In the wake of Dylann Roof and the Confederate flag controversy that’s followed, race relations under “Post-racial” POTUS Obama are volatile, unlike anything seen in America since the 1960’s.


Yet, on a recent Saturday, two of the most vile organizations of hate decided to hold rally’s simultaneously at the same venue in Columbia, South Carolina.

The KKK and the New Black Panther Party came to town.

Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to keep the peace and, for the most part, succeeded.

There was friction between the two groups, and even a few arrests were made. Perhaps the biggest story from the event was caused by the heat.

Temperatures reached 98 degree’s that day, and many people were taken to the hospital due to heat exhaustion. .

The heat crushed one white supremacist who received assistance from police officer Leroy Smith, who happens to be black.

A photo captured the moment, arguably one of the most poetic of our day.

Here is an example of why you shouldn’t judge based on color. What if the person who can save your life is somebody whose color you despise?!

Talk about a “come to Jesus” moment, when this white supremacist found out he wasn’t as “supreme” as he thought, and he needed assistance from Leroy Smith, a black officer who refused to buy into the Liberal nonsense of #BlackLivesMatter. Officer Smith didn’t react based on color or politics, and he did the very unhyphenated America thing. He helped a man who obviously hated him. I wonder what that man feels about himself today.

The Lord works in mysterious ways to humble some people, doesn’t He?


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