Death by Cop: The New Black Lottery

People will call it insensitive that I bemoan the fact that New Yorkers will have to pay $5.9 million for the death of a man who would be alive if he’d just surrendered.

If this happened almost anywhere else, I might muster up a bit more pity. However, it is New York, where electing the stupid is a science.

It’s the one-year anniversary of the death of Garner. I know…times flies when you’re trying to keep up with unnecessary “death by cop.”

It goes to show how long the media can drag a narrative to death, {Democrat racist reference intended}.

What are we up to now, in the scourge of cops shooting unarmed black men? Five? Oh SIX! I can see why the race pimps have argued, it’s an epidemic.

Lucky for the Garner family, they won’t have to rely on the goodness of the Left to take care of them, as they have the taxpayers of NY. It’s ok by me…it’s a union town, and if anybody has taken advantage of black people, it’s unions! I’m sure I speak for the Garner family in thanking Trumpka, president of the AFL-CIO, and their contribution to the cause.
Something tells me that George Soros is happy to have “We the Protesters” Deray running around stirring up nonsense; however, I don’t think Soros was going to send Garner’s children to college. I don’t think the trouble-making, meddling Leftist care how the widow Garner would make it. Like her husband, she would be a mere footnote to the Left, just a convenient tool of the time.
The good news is, thanks to Obama and other Liberals, other black people are poised to hit the “death by cop” lotto. Many families may even be considering who might as well be dead. We all have one of them.


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