Obama Trumped on Immigration

I can’t recall ever hearing from survivors of U.S. citizens killed by illegal aliens, who have been comforted, assisted or acknowledged by Barrack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama. I don’t recall ever hearing him speak of them.

I’ve heard him supporting illegals living in the shadows of our country, providing for them with our tax dollars while ignoring our Constitution and national security, which is a dereliction of his duties as POTUS.

The unconstitutional infusion of illegal aliens into the United States has done more than a little damage to our country’s security, economy & legal systems. Obama’s implied invitation, by asserting that the U.S. would absorb illegals and not deport them, has caused a stir nationwide. Not the least of which are American families having lost loved ones at the hands of illegal alien criminals. Obama reads to us of the Dreamers and their attributes from his teleprompter.

As he finishes out his second term, 2016 upstart candidate for POTUS Donald Trump is exposing the results of Obama’s stance against our Constitutional rule of law on the U.S., specifically as it relates to lawful immigration. Trump doesn’t use a teleprompter. He doesn’t need one. His thoughts are lucid and meaningful regarding the subject –  just ask the victims’ families. Trump’s not blowing his own horn about his relationships with them. The families of those killed by illegals, freely roaming across our amber waves of grain, are.

For those Americans whose loved ones have been erased by illegals, the grief is multiplied by a sense of neglect, avoidable victimization and cool abandonment by the U.S. government sworn to protect them. Their daily lives are fraught with challenges relating to their losses. It doesn’t help that the mainstream media pounds them with the plight of the illegals. It doesn’t help that many of the murderers are still enjoying freedom in the U.S. It doesn’t help that Obama hasn’t called or written. Over time, it didn’t help to expect anyone to care. Until Trump.

From the moment Trump spoke the truth about criminal illegals’ impact to the U.S. and his intentions to correct the situation, he captured the hearts, minds, and votes of the families of those slain. While MSM was mocking Trump, pondering his sincerity in the race for POTUS and attempting to label him racist against Mexicans, Trump was picking up momentum, garnering America’s support with the truth. He never wavered, recanted or apologized, and Americans went wild for his truthful tenacity under pressure; especially, the survivors of those slaughtered by illegals. Trump’s platform is their platform, America’s platform.

A California press conference was held July 10, 2015 with the victims’ survivors. Trump made sure they were the focus of the event. He gave them an international stage on which to tell the world the reality of illegals flooding our country and each told their personal story of tragedy, loss and abandonment by the Obama administration. They spoke of Trump being the sole voice of American comfort in their time of need and their endearment and gratitude to him as a result.

There were ten families represented. One man proclaimed that Trump was a father figure to him and to the nation, someone to mentor the country by example. The man was 54 years old and had lost his own son to an illegal who shot him in the face while he was defenseless, on his back. His son was bound for college on a football scholarship; the illegal was intentionally seeking a random American to kill on behalf of his gang. Another woman lost her only child, a 30 year old son working toward becoming a motorcycle policeman. Another man spoke of his son, 25 years old, law student, coming home from school when an illegal from Honduras crashed into him on his motorcycle and ran him over several times while trying to flee. The authorities told that father the illegal was in the country legally which was untrue. His son’s killer spent just 43 days in jail before being freed and avoided deportation because the USCIS proclaimed he had only committed one crime of moral turpitude. It took the father 8 months to get the murderer deported, at his own expense. The stories were heartbreaking, infuriating and not lost on Trump, as they are on the Obama administration.

Presidential campaigns are funny things. So are tyrannical presidencies. If you’ve been wondering if Donald Trump is serious about being POTUS, he is. This election is about securing our country and retaining sovereignty. It’s about making America great again.

Obama’s been Trumped.


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