What Flag Will America Take Down for This Killing Spree?

Heard of Todd West? Likely not.

He’s a young black man from Elizabeth, NJ  who went on a killing spree in two states after he killed his cousin. The final body count was seven, when he was done.

Guess the media was too busy with Dylann Roof and taking down that Confederate flag to report much on this little incident?

West allegedly shot four people in Elizabeth, killing three, over the course of two days starting June 25th. Around 2:30 a.m. that morning, frantic 911 calls came in reporting gunshots and a man lying in the street. Responding officers found 28-year-old Dennis Vega’s bullet-riddled body at the intersection of New Point Road and Seventh Street. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

That evening the violence resumed just before 10 p.m. –  officers rushed to the intersection of Sixth Street and South Park Street where they found West’s second alleged victim, 29-year-old Jamil Payne. About an hour later, dispatch once again sent officers to a shooting — this time in front of 320 Clark Place. Officers found Kevin Nelson, 32, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

A fourth man, Richard Marte, was shot multiple times just minutes later, but survived.

Detectives linked all four shootings to the same .38 caliber revolver, and after interviewing witnesses, determined that a white, 2013 Buick LaCrosse was at or near each scene at the time of the shootings.

While investigating the spate of killings, officers also found evidence allegedly linking West to the murder of his cousin, 29-year-old Michael Thompkins, who was found shot to death May 18th. Thompkins’ body was discovered in the second-floor hallway of his Parker Road apartment building in Elizabeth. He had also been shot multiple times.

I wonder what cops Obama and other Leftists will blame for this killing spree?

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