Guess Who Says He Owes No Taxes?

Forget what you know is the Liberal mantra. And in this case, Al Sharpton wants you to suspend belief about his tax problem.

Sharpton claims that he doesn’t owe $4.3 million in taxes. In fact, he says he doesn’t even owe  $1 million in taxes.

The numbers are off, Sharpton claims; sort of like with Obama’s unemployment numbers, the ObamaCare enrollment numbers, and the number of real people who actually voted for him.

According to Sharpton, he only owes $700,000, and his “charity” only owes $400,000. Let me pull out my calculator…that’s $1.1 million, and Sharpton says it like it’s a rounding error!


It must be nice, Al. Althought $1.1 million is less than $4.3 million, that’s still a lot of cheddar. Certainly not a debt to be bragging about. It’s like saying,

“I’ve only defrauded the taxpayers out of $1.1 million!”

Not that I believe this fraud. Most people who owe over $1 million would be trying to figure out where they would be doing their time…in prison!

As for the difference in what Sharpton owes and what he thinks he owes, who knows. What we do know is that Sharpton won’t be paying any of it with HIS money!

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