Hillary can’t do THIS but wants to be PRESIDENT?

Hillary Clinton is so ORDINARY, she couldn’t even send a FAX! I wonder who pulled her panties down for her to go pee-pee?

Talk about your rich white bourgeois Leftist! Leave the faxing (and everything else) for the “little people.”

There are some on the Left who think a woman  who can’t fax should be PRESIDENT? What morons!

This from Fox News:
Hillary Clinton and her staff were confused about attending high-level White House meetings. Top presidential aides didn’t know how to reach the secretary of state, months into the administration.

And when it came to using fax machines … well, Clinton was no pro.

Let’s recap, hasn’t driven a car in over three decades; instead played Ms. Daisy, while REAL working Americans drove her big buttocks around.
And how many people do you know who get campaigns built around their asshat attitudes (see “Bossy Campaign”)?


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