The Inner City Chop Shop of Planned Parenthood

At least now we know why Democrats and Planned Parenthood enjoy killing babies so much! “There’s gold in dem dar hills!”

Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing babies and parting them out like a ghetto chop shop; and the organization is taxpayer funded.

If only car thieves could get that kind of deal? But then again, cars–not children–are important to Democrats!

Also, when harvesting the organs of children, there is no season, as long as they remain inside their incubator, aka the “carrier.”

In keeping with the expressed wishes of its founder Margaret Sanger to rid the world of “mongrel racses” managed in 2012 to not only kill more black babies in New York City than were born there, but to find a market for their dismembered bodies as well. Who knew there was such a market in black baby body parts? Margaret Sanger, that’s who!

The similarities between today’s abortionists at Planned Parenthood and the plantation owners in pre-Civil War America are striking.

Plantation owners used the fertile fields in the South to grow cotton, while the abortionists use the fertile bodies of poor black women in our inner cities to grow a crop of brains, hearts, and livers. There is one important difference between the slave traders and the baby butchers – slaves were generally sold alive and healthy rather than being killed and dismembered.

The video that exposed this sick, twisted business is shocking; however it should not surprise anyone. Those who would make their fortunes killing innocent children in the one place they should be the safest–a mother’s womb–would certainly see no wrong in the marketing of those murdered bodies.

Republican Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has called on the President to prosecute Planned Parenthood, and vowed to force a vote in Congress to cut off all of their federal funding. That would be the federal funding of human butchers.

However defenders of the group claim that the practice does not violate the law. For them, killing babies is a “legal” issue, not a moral one. Further, it is entirely possible that it technically does not violate the letter of the law, but it undoubtedly violates the spirit of the law.

Here is a potential solution to abortion: Congress should immediately pass legislation requiring the remains of aborted infants to be treated as any other human remains and be given the respect and dignity those children deserve.; a burial. Break their Leftist backs economically.

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