Jeb Bush’s Lamebrain solution to economy

There are a multitude of reasons Jeb Bush shouldn’t be president. The only person who may be less qualified than Bush is Hillary Clinton.

I haven’t actually disqualified certain Republicans, at least not until recently, as Trump validated even more RINOS; yes, those who didn’t agree with him on the class of Mexican Leftists allow by way of illegal trespassing into America. Bush is one of those RINOs, and deserves the wrath of true Conservatives.

Add to this Bush’s support of Common Core, the idea that a government who has created the most stupid generation of Americans in history should get another swing at the bat is ridiculous. But there is more.

Now Jeb Bush believes that the hard-working, tax-paying patriots who keep this BS Liberal Utopian afloat need to work MORE. It’s official: I’m completely anti-Bush.

As reported by Politico overnight:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Wednesday seemed to propose a bold solution for economic troubles: “People should work longer hours,” drawing negative reactions from critics who suggested the last thing Americans need is to work more.
The GOP presidential contender made his suggestion during an interview with the conservative New Hampshire newspaper, The Union Leader, on Wednesday to address a variety of issues, including a tax reform agenda that Americans could expect under his administration, ABC News reported.

I know I speak for MILLIONS of Americans when I say, I’m done working hard for the Leftist losers who won’t carry their own weight. If Jeb Bush thinks I’m putting one more second of effort for those lazy a-holes, well he’s got his head up his butt.

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