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“It’s a complete hack job!”

This is how Executive Director of The Black Sphere, Kevin Jackson, characterized a New York Times publication of a “non-partisan” study done by Soros affiliated group New American Foundation.

This “study” asserts that right wing extremists are more dangerous than Muslims.


This study is flawed on many levels, most notably the definition of right wing extremist. It called Dylann Roof a “right wing extremist,” which of course is anybody who differs from the whiny ass Leftists.

Kevin argues quite effectively that Roof is a creation of the Left.

The argument Leftist make is that Roof visited racist websites, ignoring the 18+ years he spent in the Liberal indoctrination centers known as schools. And in those schools they told him that his masculinity is a fault, and his whiteness is a privilege. When the kid is so screwed up he needs meds, they won’t allow us to diagnose him as a sufferer of the disease of Liberalism. He cracks and shoots up a church full of black folks, and voila: it’s the Confederate flag that did it.

Next, in the study you will not find “left wing extremist” anywhere except in the explanation. Who shot up Columbine? More “Roofs,” i.e. disgruntled white kids who did not grow up in the back woods of the south, hating black people. It was Liberals.

Liberals put together bullying campaigns, and guess where most bullying occurs? Yes, in the protective Liberal cocoon of ACADEMIA!


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