The Left: White People Must Be Punished

A precursor to racial unity is inclusion, but hyphenated-Americans insist on obsessing over differences, histories, retribution, and retaliation, defying racial cohesion.

Barack Obama, Liberal Democrats, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers, the Mainstream Media (MSM), and the music industry are making themselves perfectly clear.

White people must be punished.

As a result, un-hyphenated Americans are on the receiving end of reverse racism, and because they’re white, without recourse.

How fair is that?

NewsOne For Black America online published an article by Christina Coleman, called “It Seems Like White People Are Finally Talking About Race In America, But Is That A Good Thing?.” She cited a New York Times documentary by Michele Stephenson and Blair Foster entitled, “A Conversation With White People on Race.

On the video various white people, almost all visibly uncomfortable, squirm around while they attempt to answer questions from an unseen host, the questions about having white skin. {Isn’t that racism, on their terms?}

Repulsive at best, the film’s authors succeed in guilting the participants into admitting they’re uncomfortable with the subject and some even question whether they possess as yet unidentified racist traits or not. Other participants claim an acceptance of privilege for having white skin.

As if this isn’t abusive enough, the NewsOne article capitalizes on the discomfort of the white people and taunts them for it by claiming to have discovered the holy grail of racism, buried deep within them. Their claim is that the discomfort felt by the whites indicates privilege and oblivion to the plight of blacks, if not outright racism.

I’ve got a better idea.

Consider that the reason so many white people are uncomfortable with discussing the color of their skin, is because they’re not used to delving so deeply about something so shallow. Trust me, if they’re not comfortable talking about the color of their own skin, their not talking about anybody’s else skin color either.

You wanna find a white person who’s completely comfortable discussing their flesh tone? Someone who IS talking about hyphenated-Americans in an unsavory fashion? I would suggest contacting the nearest KKK office or a white supremacist group. They probably won’t talk to you though. Because they are racists.

“But the video is just one of many projects in recent weeks that examines how uncomfortable white people are discussing race or their racial identity and frankly, we’re not so sure we’re here for it,” writes Ms. Coleman.


What she is saying is that until white people spill onto the floor with remorse for the color of their skin, blacks really aren’t interested in hearing them out? I want to believe that she speaks only for herself but I know better.

I suppose there’s an element of psychology that could be useful to future scientists in viewing a video of white people being treated like communists, a la Hollywood back in the day. The psychology of Blair and Stephenson.

Democrat slave owners justified slave ownership  long ago, with the idea that they knew best. Their voices were the only ones heard. No First Amendment for their captives. There is very little difference about today’s Liberal Democrats, as they remain the least tolerant among us.

In my own life, I’ve witnessed racism or hatred coming from blacks far and away more than any white people. To say that publicly is to risk the vitriol of the Left. Truth hurts. And that racism I’ve seen is not just towards whites, but also towards other blacks who don’t toe the line. This racism by blacks has gone unchecked for decades, with not a peep from the Left.


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