Leftist: Racism Everywhere, Except Where They Are

You have to learn to love extremists on the Left, like that uncle in everybody’s family who has “issues.”

Leftists white enablers see racism everywhere, except where it truly exists: with them!

These haters can find racism in black ink!

“Why does the black ink have to be on white paper? The ink is being oppressed, doing all the work, is it not?”

According to Huffington Post:

The last year has provided plenty of vivid examples that racism is alive and well in the United States: several high-profile police killings of young black men, the racially-motivated shooting of nine African-Americans in Charleston, South Carolina, and, most recently, the ongoing debate and protests over the removal of the Confederate flag.

While most white Americans acknowledge that racism is a problem in the U.S., white people are half as likely as black people to see it as a major problem. Three out of four white Americans say that racism is at least a “somewhat serious” national problem, compared to nearly nine out of 10 black people who say the same, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll. However, many more black people consider it to be a “very serious” problem — 68 percent of black respondents, versus 31 percent of whites.

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Black people are right; racism is a problem. It’s a problem with the Left. And black people love that their racist Democrats keep racism front and center, as that certainly allows black Liberals a lot of leeway to do and say a lot of ignorant things.

Despite the fact that police unfairly kill whites more than blacks (when you consider per capita crime), the Left promotes the narrative that cops are hunting down blacks.

Now, they’re claiming the shooting by LEFTIST killer, Dylann Roof, as racially motivated. They ignore the fact that Dylann Roof is a product of the Left and actually try to portray him a “right-winger,” then go after the Confederate flag, yet another symbol of the Left Wing agenda.

I like where the Left is going, as they whitewash their history. I too would like to see them written out of history, and we are doing everything we can to write them out of the future.



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