Liberals will soon be begging for police presence

When it comes to police response being slow, all I can say to Liberals is get used to it.

Liberalism CREATES problems that it claims to want to solve. It rarely does. Generally speaking, solving problems created by Liberals requires adult intervention, which is where Conservatives come in.

Crime is up. And it is moving from the hood, to the previously relatively safe enclaves known as white neighborhoods.

As DNA Info reports:

[Julie] Evans, a yoga instructor and exercise therapist who lives in Bucktown, was assaulted during a car break-in that occurred at about 1:45 p.m. June 3 near the busy intersection of Washington Boulevard and Peoria Street in the West Loop.

The break-in was still in progress as Evans left a business meeting at swanky Soho House, 113 N. Green St. Her parking meter was about to expire, but instead of finding an orange ticket on her windshield, Evans discovered two young men rifling through her parked car on Washington.

“I realized both of my car doors were open and I was very confused,” Evans said. “People were passing them on the street as they were doing this.”

“I approached them and said, ‘Is this your car?'” Evans said. “They didn’t say anything, and at that point, one [man] pulled himself out of my car and I said, ‘No. This isn’t your car.'”

The young man grabbed her, hitting and scratching her across her arm and torso. Evans fought back, and the offenders walked away from the scene, stealing cash and medicine from her car in the process. No one came to her aid.

Maybe the woman should have had a GUN?! She learned the hard lesson that rarely are cops around when you need them, because they can’t be everywhere.

She also learned that nobody in Chicago gives a crap about HER car. If it’s not happening to them, it’s not happening!



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