Mayor of KC Brags about Low White Population to La Raza

The mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, in an address to the radical socialist organization National Council of La Raza, bragged that his city is no longer majority white and the city’s schools now have students who speak 62 different languages.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Kansas City, Kansas, was 52 percent white. But in a speech before the La Raza National Affiliates Luncheon earlier this week in Kansas City, Mayor Mark Holland boasted that only five years later his city’s white population has been reduced to 40 percent.

He seemed to suggest that La Raza was at least partly responsible for the progress. But he also cited the refugee resettlement work of the United Nations and U.S. State Department for the city’s transformation into a gleaming example of multicultural diversity.

Kansas City, he said,

“is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

“Kansas City, Kansas, is a city with no ethnic majority. Kansas City, Kansas, is 40 percent white, 28 percent Latino, and 26 percent African-American…Our school district speaks 62 different languages by the children every single day. And Kansas City, Kansas, has a proud heritage of welcoming all people into the community, people who are not welcome in other places.”


I’d like to ask the mayor a few questions:

How non-white would he like to make KC ultimately?

If white people are so bad, then why does it seem everybody wants to live where white people are?

Does he care about the quality of the people coming to KC, or is it just about ethnic cleansing?

If a city were overly black, do you think the mayor would boast about how un-black he is making it?

Note that never in the history of man will you ever hear of too many whites moving into Detroit!

The reason black people chase white people around is best quoted from the movie, The Terminator: The guy sent to protect Sarah Connor says, “Come with me if you want to live!”


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