Military request: Obama, Can We Have Guns Too?

With this latest shooting of military personnel, maybe it is time we ask permission for them to be able to carry weapons to protect themselves.

This is no longer an isolated situation, as below is a list of shootings on military installations since this president has taken the oath:

  • June 2009: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a self-described Islamic radical, opened fire on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark.
  • November 2009: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan carried out the largest mass murder at a military installation in American history, opening fire on dozens of unarmed soldiers at a medical deployment center at Fort Hood, Texas.
  • October and November, 2010: Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku committed a series of drive-by shootings at various military installations in northern Virginia.
  • September 2013: Twelve people died and four were injured after a government contractor opened fire inside the Navy Yard complex in Washington, D.C.,
  • March 2014: A sailor was killed while trying to stop a gunman attempting to board a ship in Norfolk, Va.
  • April 2014: Violence hit Fort Hood for a second time, when an Iraq War veteran opened fire on the base, killing three and injuring 16 others.

And of course recently four defenseless marines were taken down without an opportunity to defend themselves. The terrorist that performed these cowardly acts shot up two recruiting stations.

At the first location, he only managed to injure one soldier. What if the Marines at that recruiting station had been armed? Could they have prevented the second attack? Just the possibility that four Marines might be alive is enough end the discussion about having our military carry weapons.

Never before has an enemy combatant set foot on American soil to attack us. This is because the enemy knew American citizens were armed; and in the case of our military, well-trained to shoot to kill.

Because of gun control lunatics, thieves, murderers, terrorists and all of our enemies know just where the gun-free zones are. And in case you missed it: gun-free zones are the most dangerous places in America.

Nobody would have predicted that America’s military bases would be declared gun-free zones. Schools, perhaps. Churches, perhaps. But military installations! What kind of first-class, Liberal nonsense is this?

Guns save lives, period!

In a report from the Cato Institute that cited roughly 5,000 news reports from October 2003 to November 2011 involving defensive gun usage, where guns prevented crime. The report further suggested that the number of actual cases is much higher, as many instances are not covered by the media.

“Many defensive gun uses never make the news,” they reported.

What I see transpiring in America is our enemies are testing the waters and ascertaining how far they can go using these lone, Liberal-grown terrorists. And as our cowardly politicians continue ratifying more stringent gun control laws, our enemies will be planning further attacks.

Guns are not the problem; immoral, wicked, malevolent individuals with guns and moral, ethical, decent individuals without guns is the problem.

Jim Blockey, Retired Teacher, Author “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History”

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