What next will the government allow to be sold for profit?

The President of Planned Parenthood would love this recent expose of her organization to go away.

So she is now deflecting, pulling the typical Liberal tactic things back to the people who exposed her “murder factory.”

She claims that the group who videotaped Planned Parenthood doctors discussing how to sell baby parts at the Planned Parenthood “Baby Parts Harvesting Farms” have attacked women.

No, this group couldn’t possibly be interested in saving babies.

I’d love to ask the president of this taxpayer-funded (not by choice), government-sanctioned  murder factor, if she would be willing to share the proceeds of the money her organization makes with the “carriers” of aborted babies. After all, the parts technically belong to the “carriers.”

This undercover expose showcase something even more sinister lurking in the thinking of government officials. If they can harvest organs from babies, why can’t they get them from you.

Under ObamaCare, hospitals will soon be where people go to die. And what can hospitals sell of you, when you die? With the government is in charge of healthcare, what’s to stop them from taking a KIDNEY? You really only need one. Or a piece of your LIVER; you don’t need the whole thing. Skin grafts, hair, bone marrow! Do you have any idea what you’re worth? Alive.

What about dead? Heart, lungs, corneas, and who knows what else. Think this is a stretch?

Look at what it allows on babies. If they can sell killing babies, how easy do you think it will be to sell killing old people, feeble people, or whomever they declare not worthy, or as Planned Parenthood founder would say: mongrels.

You may not be able to YOU can’t sell body parts, but  a government-funded KILLING FACTORY can do so with immunity. Why would the government even have to look at your driver’s license to find out if your organs can be harvested. And the good thing is, Planned Parenthood will have lots of practice manipulate your body for the best “harvesting.”


I wonder if Mia Farrow will release the home address of the president of Planned Parenthood? Or is Farrow only worried about the killing of animals. Too bad babies aren’t lions, or baby seals. Maybe the Left would care?

Just so we’re clear. This attack on Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with women. In fact, I think Planned Parenthood should have to give this ill-gotten death money over to the women who aborted their children. It should be a reminder of how much the government is willing to pay for a life.


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