Don’t Forget THIS When Planning for Cost of College

There is another racket disguised as education that is little more than government spreading the wealth around.

When your kid goes to college, you incur the cost of college and of course, books. But there is another big cost: their residence.

Whether on campus or anywhere near campus, look at what it costs to be anywhere near a college.

When I was in school, guys lived 3 or 4 to an apartment, just to make ends meet, and nothing has changed.

As Yahoo reports:

Joel Weber said he’s determined to incur less college debt by living in the tiny, 145-square-foot house he built, rather than struggling to pay higher rent in his college town of Austin, Texas.

“I wanted a place to call home,” Weber told ABC News. “I wanted it to be affordable so I could be debt-free and let it be an investment to give back to the community — not just dumped into rent that I wouldn’t get any return on.”

Weber, who will begin his junior year at the University of Texas at Austin, said it can cost upwards of $800 a month to live in the area near his school.

In a bid to save himself from further debt, the 25-year-old said it was summer 2014 when he decided that he’d build his own home, rather than stressing over higher costs for an apartment, or on-campus dormitories.

The dwelling, Weber said, took one year to complete and cost an estimated $20,000.

“I saved up quite a bit and what I didn’t have, family, friends, and the community around me donated materials,” he said. “I designed it and worked with a carpenter and electrician who both volunteered their time.

“I do landscaping, I house sit, I nanny for someone in the area, and when I have extra money, I can charge people a little less to help them out,” Weber added. “It’s about being able to give back to these people in my community.”

Built on an 18-foot flatbed trailer, the space boasts two lofts, working plumbing, electric, a shower, a propane-powered stove, and a sink Weber crafted from a mango bowl.

Imagine what this guy saved over the course of 4 years?! And it’s an investment he can sell to somebody else.

College has become a government-sanctioned racket, so it’s always a good idea to figure out ways to cut the costs.



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