Obama is knowingly bringing Islam terrorists to America

Why are we tiptoeing around this fact. Obama is importing Islamic terrorists to America.

And yes, he should be impeached for doing it, as should any Congressman supporting these amnesty and asylum shams.

The fact is, almost all of the people coming to America from Islamic countries could not care less about America’s “opportunity.” Most don’t even want to be here, and they can’t wait to go back home to a terrorist training camp. America is little more than an American taxpayer-funded vacation, until they can reunite with their fellow jihadists.

As reported by The Examiner:

The surge of refugees and asylum seekers from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, in addition to those coming here with visitors’ visas, has caused concern about the Obama administration properly vetting them, in order to identify those with terror ties seeking to exploit the immigration system. Lawmakers are worried that not only is Syria the headquarters of ISIS, the most brutal and deadly of all terrorist groups, but also that Arab country’s state of chaos is making it extremely difficult to screen the refugees, many of whom possess little or no identification documents.

While Syrian refugees have already been resettled in the United States this year — with the goal of bringing upwards of 2,000 in by the years end — a number of American cities and states have been less than cooperative with Obama unilateral actions. A number of Americans are also suspicious of Obama’s program since it appears the only Syrians entering the U.S. are Muslims, a large segment of them being Sunnis, the same sect as al-Qaida, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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For the ones who stay, they have no plans on becoming American. They don’t believe in the American Spirit. They are dyed in the wool Islamists, or more specifically jihadists. The recent shooting in Chattanooga is a perfect example of the terrorists-in-waiting, sponsored by Democrats.

The question is not if these people will increase their attacks on Americans, but when. The only opposition they could run into is death by black thug, should they happen to leave their Middle Eastern enclaves, which are popping up like weeds.


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