Obama! News Flash – Your New Gun Control Law Would Not Allow Any Liberals to Own Guns

Now the Obama administration aspires to prevent individuals collecting Social Security benefits from owning guns. The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to individuals who are incapable of managing their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.”

“Marked subnormal intelligence,” sounds pretty much like every liberal I know; how about you? The administration argues this law would “keep guns out of the hands of some dangerous people.” This illustrates their “marked subnormal intelligence.”

When has creating a gun law ever prevented a dangerous person from obtaining a gun? Does anyone genuinely believe a criminal, better known as a law breaker, will be concerned with the law? Can’t you just hear those thieves, “Hey we can’t rob that store no more, because we are not allowed to carry guns; and we don’t want to break the law.” Better yet, “This law sucks, I was going to kill that fool, but now it’s illegal for me to have a gun.”

This is merely an additional attempt, by these anti-American liberals, at limiting specific groups of individuals’ gun ownership. If you ban gun ownership to a sufficient quantity of groups, eventually everyone will be included and the libs will have their nationwide gun ban. There are few issues liberals are able to do overtly, but the majority of issues on their agenda must be accomplished covertly, sinisterly and deceitfully. Subsequently, genuine Americans will wake up one day and wonder what happened to their freedoms and rights. They will have slowly diminished.

We all truly recognize more gun control equals worse gun violence. Look at Detroit, Oakland and Chicago; they have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Conversely, Detroit and Oakland are numbers 1 & 2 as the most dangerous cities in America. The July 4th weekend toll in Chicago was 82 shot, 14 fatally. So unarming our citizens, in reality, is unsuccessful.

A message from ISIS claimed they will be attacking several states. Of the five they mentioned, four comprise the most stringent gun laws in the country. Is this a coincidence or planned? If I were proceeding to carry out an assault on a country, personally I would progress to the location with least resistance.

I reason what frightens me the most is, as the years proceed forward I perceive more and more individuals in America trusting in additional gun controls. I realize this has a great deal to do with our education system, which I have reflected on in my preceding articles; however, my concern is, with even our military not being permitted to defend itself, how is it Americans can truly believe gun laws protect us? In these previous few months of “lone wolf” attacks, can we not perceive the possibility if at least one person were armed, besides the perpetrator, countless lives would have been saved? How about if two or more were armed?

Americans truly must disregard political correctness for a few moments and concern themselves with American lives. We must be permitted to defend ourselves from thieves, rapists, murderers as well as the likes of ISIS and others who would attempt to take America down. To defend ourselves from the likes of those malevolent, immoral, wicked evils we must possess, at the least, the same weaponry they do.

Remember the line, “Who would be dumb enough to bring a knife to a gun fight?” America needs to be the one with the gun. I believe it is time Americans genuinely comprehend that it will exclusively be our armed citizenry who will ultimately deter ALL violence on our soil

Jim Blockey

Retired Teacher

Author – “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History”

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