Obamas and Clintons: Who will extort the world for more?

The Obamas and the Clintons are in a battle for world domination.

They will fight over who can extort the world out of the most money.

Hillary isn’t running for president for her legacy or to help America. She’s running for the sake of the Clinton Foundation! Who else is going to keep the Clintons from really being “Dead Broke”!

The truth is, if Hillary Clinton had a ham under both arms, she’d be crying that she had no bread! But the Obamas are no better.

And that’s why Obama visited Africa…with 200 American investors!

Obama wants to shore up  The Motherland.

The Clintons have had FREE REIGN over the world, and now Barack Obama has his black people database, he’s gearing up.

If you think he was a bad president, wait until you see him as an EX-president. With all that fool learned as president, there is no stopping him.

Obama has a conspirator’s mind, and he now knows where the bones are buried.

You think Al Gore extorted the energy industry, and is selling HOT AIR, wait until the world gets a load of Barack Obama.

He should be in JAIL for his green energy extortion of Americans, and the transfer of wealth that was nothing more than PAYOFFS for campaign contributions. But that is nothing compared to what’s coming. Obama is the new President of the World.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

President Barack Obama called Africa a continent “on the move” Saturday, as he opened a US-sponsored business summit in Kenya. Tagging along are some 200 American investors.

The presence of American investors in Nairobi sends a strong signal that investment on the continent is shifting, from the billions of aid-focused dollars from the US government to private sector involvement in one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

One program that has struggled with private sector inclusion is President Obama’s Power Africa Program, which set out to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years. With a price tag of $7 billion, the initiative has yet to provide any electricity two years in, the New York Times reports. The International Energy Agency currently estimates electricity reaches only about 32 percent of sub-Saharan Africa, a challenge the US has picked up alongside the region’s leadership, but which dogs lawmakers and energy investors who cannot seem to broker progress.

In a few years, the Clintons will not be allowed in Africa without an escort and permission from Barack Obama. Those white folks have until Obama retires to continue raping The Dark Continent.


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