So Now This Is Considered “Risky Behavior”?

Two men in Pinellas County, Florida found out last week that your neighbor can call an “air quality” complaint on you if you decide to engage in risky behavior.

And barbecuing is risky behavior to the environmentally whacked out Left.

The Facebook video about this situation has gone viral over the past few days, as it should. The video is hilarious, however be warned: there are a few expletives.

According to Pinellas County’s Official Government Website  you can complain about the outdoor air quality. One just needs to do the following:

  • Clearly state your name, telephone number, and full street address;
  • Describe the problem [smoke, odor, dust, etc.] and the impact;
  • State the time and date when the problem occurred, and whether it is happening at the time of your call;
  • State whether this problem has occurred in the past, and if so, when;
  • State the direction the wind was blowing from at the time the problem occurred;
  • State how long the problem lasted; and
  • If you know the source of the alleged problem, state the business name or resident’s name and address.

This is all we had to do to get rid of the Occupy Wall Street people?! Talk about “air quality” disasters, those were some bad smelling kids!

Let’s face it, if we were mean-spirited Conservatives we could practically ban whole herds of Liberals. Recall Harry Reid’s comments on “stinky foreigners” visiting the nation’s capital?

Perhaps the next time these gentlemen grill, they’ll have to make sure to contain the delectable smell of tourists!

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