Politicians Should Be Jailed Who Support Sanctuary Cities

There is simply no better time to crack the jaw of those supporting lawbreaking criminals, aka ILLEGALS!

The death of Kathryn Steinle, tragic though it is, should not be forgotten. Frankly, Kathryn Steinle should be the metaphorical electrodes placed on Obama’s and other Liberals’ “naughty bits.” {I would happily pull the switch.}

Sanctuary cities are against the law…PERIOD! As Obama would say, “The science is in!” And any politician supporting this FARCE that puts American lives in dangers should be jailed!

How many Americans must be robbed, raped, and killed, not to mention those who are just here freeloading, before our representative begin REPRESENTING!

The real Dreamers are the taxpaying American citizens dreaming of getting the REAL America back, and not the children whose parents brought them here illegally.

The Examiner reports:

“A new survey released on Friday, the day after an emotional funeral service for Kathryn Stienle, U.S. voters said they want the Obama administration to order the Department of Homeland Security to get tough on so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ that refuse to enforce immigration laws.”

Rasmussen’s polls of likely voters are revealing what most Americans already know, that the Feds aren’t enforcing our national security as ordered in the Constitution. “According to the survey, 62 percent (62%) of likely voters believe the Justice Department should be directed to take action against cities that openly provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants and refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) directorate.”

Further, the polls supported the idea that most likely voters believe that Obama’s policies enable illegality, especially as it relates to the southern borders of the United States.

This is a dereliction of his oath of office and, as Donald Trump has been ascertaining, we don’t really know who’s coming in or from where.

As if that isn’t disturbing enough, law enforcement is also confirming that the mainstream media is ignoring the situation due to endearment issues with Liberal politicians and, of course, the first black POTUS, who’s all about amnesty.

According to Rasmussen, “Contrary to what Americans are told by many in the news media, Rasmussen Reports found that a mere 26 percent (26%) of respondents said they oppose Justice Department action against sanctuary cities. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided. In addition to San Francisco, numerous major cities in the United States are self-avowed sanctuary cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Detroit, and even the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.”


Let’s call sanctuary cities what they are. They are Liberal “armpits,” and they have freedom-loving, taxpaying patriots in the headlock.

It’s time we END this travesty, and it should happen immediately! As the polling shows, this is a bipartisan American issue. Let’s make sure politicians know it.

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